Caves caverns

This subject category includes interior shots of underwater caverns.

Portofino, diver in cave, Italy
Diver shining light in cave
Diver exploring cave
Diver with torch, Cathedral Rock, St Abb's
Diver in cave mouth
Diver with torch in cave mouth
Diver in cave looking at plumose covered roof
Diver hovering outside cave looking in
Diver with light entering cave
Divers at cave mouth looking in
Diver in mid water at cave mouth
Diver and cave roof
Light streaming into cave mouth
Diver looking into cave with torch
Diver looking into cave mouth
Spanish dancer and diver
Clownfish in cave
4 caves and JIM suit
Divers in cave
Diver and stalactites, Chandelier cave, Palau
Diver reflection in air pocket
Divers in cave mouth
Diver in cave mouth with sea squirts