The Sunshine state and famous holiday/retirement destination.

Facade of Spiderman in Florida theme park.
Lady snorkeller in swim suit, Peacock springs
Light seeping through trees, Peacock springs
Looking up through the surface at trees, Ginnie springs
Snorkeller, Peacock springs
Snorkelling female, Blue springs
Snorkelling female on surface, Blue springs
Snorkeller female in swim suit, Blue springs
Ginnie springs, snorkeller on surface
Sunfish, Ginnie Springs
Ginnie springs Sunfish
Diver shining light in cave
Diver exploring cave
American Crocodile, Florida
Eastern Lubber Grasshopper, Florida
Sunset at Cypress Gardens, Winter Haven, Florida
Cigar Store Indian
La Jolla classic car
Marching band, Disneyland, Florida
Mickey Mouse parade with genie, Disneyland, Florida
Music Legends sign with guitar
Typical American Police car from 1950's
Typical American Yellow taxi cab from 1950's
Tyrannosaurus Rex breaking through high voltage fence to attack Jurassic Park ranger vehicle