Photography, culture, infrastructure, and other thing related to the Sunshine State!

Walt Disney statue and Cinderella's castle, Disneyland
Minnie Mouse, Disneyland
Mickey Mouse, Disneyland
Drive in diner
Mad Hatter, Disneyland, Florida
Castle, Disneyland, Florida
Sunset at Cypress Gardens, Winter Haven, Florida
Epcot Centre
American diner with clock on wall and palms
Mickey Mouse waving
Arch at Universal studios
Darkroom camera store window
Juke box on Diner table with cars outside
Street scene with pink building
Exxon gas station with truck
Hard Rock Cafe sign
American custom car in front of Diner
Max Factor building
Yogi bear posing with family
Custom cars outside Mel's Diner
Hot cars
Cafe La Bamba courtyard