Anything pertaining to travel abroad and domestic but mostly subdivided into regions

A frozen Wapta Lake near Lake Louise, BC
N.G. 0-6-0 No. 4 Steam Locomotive on display, La Aguada, Cuba, (built by Burnham, Parry, Williams and Co. 1884)
Boys after a swim. Mengkabong water village (on stilts over the sea) Sabah, Borneo. Malaysia. Badjao (Badjao or Tau-Laut) sea gypsies, (Water villages are known as Kampong Ayer).
Zimbabwe Mud hut
Indian Truck
Cadillac sticking out of wall with American flag behind
Coca Cola Truck
Greek Orthodox Church
Upside down building, Wonderworks
Orange building
Santa Monica College with mural on wall, Los Angeles, California
Chinese church
School buses, windscreens
Horse and Cart
Blue building
Slanted street
Greek Church
Greek Church and Landrover Discovery
Exxon Truck and gas station
Melons on back of truck
Landrover Discovery at sunset
Landrover Discovery and church