Cyprus is the divided Greek island in the eastern mediterranean.

Diver looking back at propellor
Diver peering into wreckage of engine with camshaft
Diver under wreck propellor
Diver with propellor
Starfish on sea urchin
Girl diver kitted up for dive
Diver leaning against rock
Diver and wreck propellor
Divers at cave mouth looking in
Diver in mid water at cave mouth
Rainbow Wrasse left side swimming
Rainbow wrasse biting
Rainbow wrasse swimming
Flatfish probably Plaice camouflaged against sand
Underwater Photographer at cave mouth with torch
Diver silhouetted on wreck bridge
Underwater Photographer in cave mouth
Diver looking into cave with torch
Diver looking into cave mouth
Pencil urchin
4 caves and JIM suit
Diver fighting octopus
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