Spiny skinned

Creatures that move by hydraulic tube feet. They include Starfish, brittlestars, Sea Urchins.

Common sea urchin (Echinus Esculentus) found in deep waters off our coast though often washed ashore. Spiny creature favourite food of the otter
Panamic cushion star (Pentaceraster cummingi) Galapagos Islands, EcuadorGroup on reef floor
Diver & crown of thorns starfish
brittlestar on sponge
Starfish on sea urchin
Crown of Thorns starfish, detail of spines
Diver and sunstar starfish
Crinoid Closed
Diver silhouette and sea urchin
Brittle star with silhouetted diver behind
Diver and brittlestar
Sea urchin
Pencil urchin
Crown of thorns top view
Crown of thorns side view
Brittle star on soft coral
Starfish and diver