Sabre squirrelfish, (Adioryx spinifer)
Lizardfish, (Synodus variegatus)
Parrotfish and clownfish (Scarus sp.)
Orbiculate burrfish (cyclichthys orbicularis)
Jewelfish (Anthias sp.) Hurghada
Foster's Hawkfish (Paracirrhites forsteri)
Fish sleeping in coral
Big Eye
Filefish in Coral
Fish on coral, Red Sea, Egypt
Crocodile fish
Clownfish with dark background
Fish in fire coral
Fish eye
Fish and habitat
Hawkfish swimming to camera
Diver with protective clownfish in anemone, Hurghada
Photographer and Red Fish
Squirrel fish
Big eye
Parrot fish
Woman driving inflatable boat by outboard away from cruise boat
Sudanese boat skipper at the helm