Abstracts are self-contained, short, and powerful statements that describes a larger work. It can be ideas or artwork.

Inside a yurt looking up towards sky
Plastic bag on barbed wire fence blowing in the wind against light dappled sky
Early morning sun creates a rainbow spectrum in frost patterns on a window. Minnesota, February
Zoom! The effect of zooming into a Christmas Tree during a several second exposure.
HM Queen Elizabeth II sand sculpture
Silver balls in a garden as ornaments.
Hookah and Fez hats in Bodrum, Turkey (1)
Hookah and Fez hats in Bodrum, Turkey
Bunratty Folk Park, Limerick (1)
Bunratty Folk Park, Limerick
Tiger cow
Space cow
Ecology cow
Halloween Pumpkin
Jazz sign
Washing on the line
Whistling kettle boiling
Drinking well
Cactii in porch window
Jeans on washing line in front of garden shed
Grotesque Satanist masks