Palau is a group of islands (the rock islands) in Micronesia and a US protectorate.

Harlequin Crab (Lissocarcinus orbicularis) on Leopardfish Sea Cucumber (Bohadschia argus) Sulu Sea Palau Lankayan Sabah - Borneo, Malaysia
Emperor Snapper (Lutjanus Sebae) Sulu Sea Palau Lankayan Sabah - Borneo, Malaysia
White Fan Coral
Diver and yellow fan coral
Diver filming soft coral with underwater video housing (Stingray)
Underwater Photographer from Japan with twin strobes, Palau
Underwater Photographer, Palau
Underwater Video with light in Jellyfish Lake, Palau
Nudibranch, Palau
whip coral encrusted with dendronophtya
Underwater Photographer in midwater approaching overhang, Palau
Red Coral and divers
Red Coral
Jellyfish Lake with snorkeller
Jellyfish Lake with man in ABLJ
Jellyfish Lake with man in swimming trunks
Jellyfish Lake with woman in white shirt
Divers in cave
Diver and stalactites, Chandelier cave, Palau
Whip coral and divers
Red coral with black crinoid
Tropical beach with swing
Yachts at anchor
Canadian steam driven ice cutter boat