Floating Planktonic

Mostly animals that are soft bodied and transparent which make their living in the water column. Jellyfish, Sea gooseberries, salps.

Jellyfish Monterey Bay aquarium
Rhizostoma Pulmo with Plankton
Starlight Starbright
Drysuit diver with Lions Mane Jellyfish
Jellyfish medusa
Jellyfish medusa
Diver under Swanage pier, Dorset with planktonic jellyfish
Venemous jellyfish in Monterey bay aquarium tank
Underwater Video with light in Jellyfish Lake, Palau
Diver with Lions Mane Jellyfish
Diver looking at jellyfish close up
Diver and Rhizostoma upside down jellyfish
Translucent jellyfish with surface
Rhizostoma Pulmo Jellyfish swimming backlit with diver
Diver with SMB line and Rhizostoma Pulmo on seabed, Chesil Beach, Dorset
Jellyfish Lake with snorkeller
Jellyfish Lake with man in ABLJ
Jellyfish Lake with man in swimming trunks
Jellyfish Lake with woman in white shirt
Jellyfish & Diver Silhouette