Hard Coral

This category includes hard corals.

Diver (Ren Gutsche) and Staghorn coral (Acropora valenciennesi), Jigdup Reef, Camiguin, Mindanao, Philippines.
Diver (Blessie Alano) and large stony coral (Porites cylindrica), Rock point, Apo Island, Visayas, Philippines.
Gorgonian sea fan (Acabaria species) Aeroplane wreck, Copton Peninsula, Moalboal, Western Cebu, Philippines.
Gorgonian Sea Fan (Subergorgia hicksoni), feather star and Long-jawed Squirrelfish (Sargocentron spiniferum), Jessie Beazley Reef, Sulu Sea, Palawan, Philippines.
wire coral
Red Coral and divers
Red Coral