Scottish Borders

The Scottish Borders are in the south east of scotland bordering Northumberland in England

Scottish Borders, The first Inn in Scotland
Wolf fish (1)
Diver with torch, Cathedral Rock, St Abb's
Ballan Wrasse
Divers swimming under the surface
Diver and typical UK wall with plumose anemones
Drysuit diver with Lions Mane Jellyfish
Nudibranch on kelp
Nudibranch, Spanish Dancer (2)
Jewel Anemones
Two sets of diving equipment laid out behind camper van
Snells Window sunburst
Diver 3Qtr by wall UK
Diver under boat
Diver in Kelp forest
Diver and Scenery UK
Diver with light in kelp gulley
Divers swimming around shallow rocks
Diver in distance with plumose wall
Diver with torch in cave mouth
Diver in cave looking at plumose covered roof
Diver with light entering cave