Scottish Borders

The Scottish Borders are in the south east of scotland bordering Northumberland in England

Diver silhouetted above kelp gulley
Divers descending in rocks
Diver descending in kelp gulley
Deadmans' fingers and diver with torch
Nudibranch and diver
Tubeworm UK
Sea urchin
Sea mat on kelp frond
Diver in kelp
UK wall with diver
Squat Lobster in crevice
Squat Lobster on sponge
Grey Seal hiding in kelp
Grey seal and diver
Plumose Anemone wall and diver
Diver and Octopus
Diver and Nudibranch
Divers in Kelp
Common Lobster, attack posture
Scampi (Dublin Bay) prawn
Hermit crab
Edible crab
Velvet crab eating fish