Wiltshire is a county in the south west of England

Star trails, taken from Warminster in Wiltshire
An evening shot of Warminster in Wiltshire, taken from Cley Hill in 1976.
Stonehenge, Amesbury in Wiltshire, taken in 1976.
White Horse, Cherhill, Calne, Wiltshire
Public admiring Stonehenge
Stonehenge with Slaughter stone foreground
Stonehenge, east side, Circle of Bluestones
Stonehenge, Heel Stone
Stonehenge, Horseshoe of Trilithons from South Barrow
Stonehenge, Silhouette of north side
Stonehenge, south west side, Horseshoe of Trilithons
Stonehenge, Trilithon
Stonehenge, Trilithon detail
Visitors to Stonehenge
Clocktower, Bath
Wedding photographer with Bride and Groom in doorway
Cherhill Downs white horse, Wiltshire
Cherhill Downs white horse Wiltshire
Barn with hay bales
Waggon and Horses Public house, Wiltshire