Iron Age hillfort to left with the rounded Lowther Hills in the background on a bright winters day
Athens: the Acropolis
Twelve Maidens standing stones, Cornwall
White Horse, Cherhill, Calne, Wiltshire
Stone Circle - Moss Farm, Machrie moor Arran. A concentric circle consisting of two rings, the outer being slightly ovular
Standing stone which once made up another stone circle on Machrie Moor, Arran. This stone stands nearly twenty feet tall and is the only stone left upright
Standing stone circle - Machrie Moor
Standing stone circle
Splendid standing stone, Machrie Moor, perhaps representing procreation and fertility due to its rather phallic symbolism.
Prehistoric, Bronze Age burial chamber, near Penpont, Dumfries and Galloway. Close to Tynron Doon Iron Age hillfort. The cairn dates from between 2750 BC and 1000BC and was used as a burial site
View of Castle Hill fort and the Dalwhat Glen to Moniaive. Iron age defensive structure, around 1000BC.
A ruin on uist. Scotland
Megalithic Auchencar standing stone with Beinn Lochainn in the background
A major street in Pompeii.
A richly decorated house in Pompeii.
Pompeii a shop or restaurant for serving hot meals.
The House of Venus in Seashell , Pompeii
Pompeii - an exedra tomb
Archeologists at work
Archeological dig
Colchester, old walls
Colchester, Old walls by Hole pub