Naples (Napoli)

Naples is the regional capital of Campania and the third-largest city of Italy, after Rome and Milan,

Pompeii - an exedra tomb
The House of Venus in Seashell , Pompeii
Pompeii a shop or restaurant for serving hot meals.
A richly decorated house in Pompeii.
A major street in Pompeii.
A steam vent on Solfatara di Pozzuoli in the Phlegrean Fields near Naples, Italy
Waterfront Naples
Vesuvius from Amalfi peninsula
Vesuvius across the Golfo di Napoli
Two islands and a cliff on the Amalfi peninisula
Tenement, Naples
Swimming pool, Naples marina
Old Church, Naples
Naples marina
Naples and Vesuvius
Contrast of Old tenement and modern office block, Naples
Church with swimming toys, Naples
Castel, Nuovo, Naples
Castel Nuovo and Naples Marina
Back streets, Naples
Back streets, Naples (2)
Back streets, Naples (1)