British Clocktowers

A clocktower is a status symbol in many British towns

Paisley town hall's clock tower.Scotland
The Old Toll Booth Glasgow Cross.Scotland
Salisbury, the sundial on the wall of Malmesbury House
Salisbury, River Avon and clocktower
Stirling, clocktower
Motherwell, Civic Centre (1)
Greenock, clock on Esplanade (1)
Rugby, Clocktower Market Place
Rotherham clock tower
West Bromwich, town centre clock
Maidenhead, clocktower near station (1)
Maidenhead, clocktower near station
Gravesend, clock tower (1)
Gravesend, clock tower
Victoria clocktower, looking at Victoria Theatre
Victoria clocktower, looking along Victoria Street
Victoria clocktower, looking along Victoria Street
Crouch End (1)
Croydon clocktower (1)
Croydon clocktower
Twisted clocktower, Stratford
Clocktower, Bexley
Clocktower, Waterford
St Albans, Clocktower