Known as the Venice of the north for its canals Amsterdam is a tourist mecca.

A bike resting over a bridge in amsterdam
A Canal in Amsterdam
People crossing in Amsterdam
A typical Amsterdam scene
An Amsterdam canal
Brewery distilling vats
The favourite mode of transport in Amsterdam
A canal boat in amsterdam
Houses canelside in Amsterdam
Fridge magnets, Amsterdam houses
Woman feeding pigeons, Amsterdam
Wheel clamp, Amsterdam
Westerkerk, Amsterdam
Urinal, Amsterdam
Tulip bulbs, Amsterdam
Tram, Amsterdam
Tram on Damrak, Amsterdam
Tram on Damrak street, Amsterdam
Tram at Westermarkt, Amsterdam
Tourists sightseeing canals, Amsterdam
Tourist boat on canal, Amsterdam
Tour boats with Centraal station behind, Amsterdam
Tour boat, Moored, Amsterdam (1)
Tour boat, Amsterdam