Rear windows
Broken window
Cement works
Lead mine wagon train wheels.
Industrial building
Industrial chimney
The row of terraced houses at Dacre Gardens, Shoreham, taken in 1972.
The active face of the Delabole Slate Quarry in Cornwall, UK.
Blacksmith's shop
Iron foundry furnace
Old Brick and Tile works
Coal piled behind mine workings
Disused blast furnaces
Plaster moulding manufacturer
Victorian machine shop
Industrial pollution, Grimsby
The Great Northern Warehouse, Manchester. Built in 1898, the building has been refurbished and now includes shopping and several cafés and bars as well as meeting and performance spaces.
Alley in back streets of Liverpool. A narrow street showing pipes and backs of buildings
Dale Street, Liverpool. A run down warehouse building that is being renovated and has colourful hoarding.
Ben Nevis Whiskey distillery with mountain behind, Fort William
Ben Nevis Whiskey distillery vats, Fort William
Ben Nevis Whiskey distillery, Fort William
Port Talbot steel works