One of the Home Counties to the west of London.

Adventure playground under M4 motorway with office building and cranes
Adventure playground with M4 motorway
Ladies Toilets
Ladybird mating on leaf with Aphids
Ladybirds mating
Mountain bike and graffiti
Oak tree with Smith Kline Beecham Corporate Headquarters
Signpost in park pointing to football pitch
Smith Kline Beecham building under construction
Italian Job style mini front view
Italian Job mini side view
Tube train approaching station
Out of order parking meter, Soho
Bamboo wind chimes at sunset
Austin Mini Countryman
Dead dog decomposing head
Dead dog road kill
Tube train approaching (distant)
Bike shed
No Hands!
Boy in bath with Buzz Lightyear water pistol
Boy in bath with water pistol