One of the Home Counties to the west of London.

newborn baby crying
Midwife weighing newborn baby
Midwife nursing newborn baby
Midwife taking temperature of newborn baby
Surgeons in operating theatre
Midwives holding newborn baby boy
Midwives assessing newborn baby boy minutes after delivery by Cesarian section
Newborn baby boy crying minutes after delivery and prior to Vitamin K administration
Midwives cleaning newborn baby
Operating theatre. Delivering baby by Cesarian section
Patient and visitor in hospital ward
Patient in bed
Blood pressure monitor
Doctor in scrubs with patient
Nurse checking monitor in NHS maternity ward
Syon House
Oxford Street at night
Escalator in shopping centre
Statue in Windsor
The Thames at Kew
Entrance (3)
Arched gate
Antler room
Boy running on grass