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An oriel, or projecting bay window in Schaffhausen. Note the reference to the 1944 bombing, a mistake by the USAF because the town is so close to the German border.
The Herrenstube town house in Schaffhausen.
The tower of the Kirche St. Johann, Schaffhausen, seen from the town's Munot fortress.
The view over the Rhine at Schaffhausen, with the Munot fortress standing pround above the town.
A building on the Herrenbacker square, Schaffhausen.
A local train crosses the Rhine beneath Schloss Laufen, just before the river reaches the Rhine Falls.
Tourists leave the boat to climb the rock in the middle of the Rhine Falls, Europe's largest waterfall.
Rhine Falls, Europe's largest waterfall.
Boats on the Lej da San Murezzan, St. Moritz, with the Waldhaus am See hotel in the background.
San Vittore Mauro Church in Poschiavo, an Italian-speaking town in Switzerland. The late gothic church has stood on the site since 1212, and has been renovated several times first since.
The Torre comunale, in the main square in Poschiavo, an Italian speaking town in Switzerland.
The main square in Poschiavo, an Italian speaking town in Switzerland, surrounded by Patrizier houses in the neoclassic and neogotic style.
The bleak Bernina Pass, over 2000m above sea level.
Gate tower to the Episcopal courtyard, Chur.
Real human skulls in the Oratorio Sant'Anna, Poschiavo, an Italian speaking town in Switzerland. This is in the little chapel beside the San Vittore Mauro Church, and the skulls were excavated during renovation of the curch in 1902/3.
Streams trickle down from the glacier on top of mount Diavolezza.
View over Chur
The monastery, Engleberg
The Trubsee, mount Titlis
The view from the top of mount Titlis
Fluelen, Swizterland
A 360 degree rotating cable car arrives at the top of Mount Titlis
Lake near to Engleberg
The Engleburger Aa, with the alps in the background.