Apartment building, Gibraltar
Apes' den, Gibraltar
Barbary ape on mans' head, Gibraltar
Barbary ape on wall, Gibraltar
Barbary ape stealing food, Gibraltar
Barbary ape with bay of Gibraltar behind (1)
Barbary ape with the bay of Gibraltar behind
Barbary ape, close up, Gibraltar
Barbary ape, do not feed sign, Gibraltar
Barbary ape, Gibraltar (1)
Barbary Ape, Gibraltar
Barbary apes and woman tourist, Gibraltar
British police motorcycle in front of the Rock of Gibraltar
Buildings, Gibraltar
Cable car with docks, Gibraltar
Cable car, Gibraltar
Convent, Gibraltar
Gate, Gibraltar
Gibraltar from Algeciras
Grand Casement gates and clock, Gibraltar
Bay of Gibraltar from top of the rock
Motorhome and Rock of GIbraltar (1)
Motorhome and Rock of Gibraltar
Phone box, Gibraltar