Spanish Espana

Anything belonging to or relating to Spain, its people, or its language

The island of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, near Bilbao, Spain
Looking down on the town of Calpe from El Pe on de Ifach - The Tooth
Benidorm at night
Altea's old town, Costa Blanca, Spain
Bullfight, the Matadore prepares to spear the bull with Banderillas
Bullfight, Picador lances the bull's neck
Bullfight, mule team dragging the dead bull out of the arena
Bullfight, Matadore and bull, Madrid
Bullfight, Banderilerros tiring the bull, Spain
Underpass, Cal De Bailen, Madrid
Traffic jam, Madrid
Town, Central plains
Theatre land, Gran Via, Madrid
Telephone box, Madrid
Teatro Real, Madrid
Spanish Parliament, Madrid
Spanish Parliament, Madrid (1)
Puerta del Sol, Madrid
Puerta del Sol, Madrid (1)
Puerta de Alcala
Postbox, Madrid
Policia Municipal police car, Madrid
Police HQ, Senado, Madrid
Police headquarters, Madrid