Group of holidaymakers at their table in restaurant
Group of holidaymakers sunbathing on boat with windsurfer
Group shot of thirthysomethings with sunset
Group shot at sunset
Governors parade, Turks and Caicos
Pensioners on coach trip
Crowd at sports event
Ariel shot of crowd on tour boat
Muslims protesting at Peace march
Crowds in Trafalgar Sqaure at London 2012 Olympic bid announcement
Scottish revellers
Man in sunglasses
Friends outside a cafe on a sunny but cold Afternoon
Nursery group in Shade
Christian incence swinger, Primrose Hill
Christian choir marching from outdoor worship, Primrose Hill
Christian choir at outdoors worship, Primrose Hill
Nursery group shot of Mums and Dads
Halleluja celebrations, Notting Hill Carnival
Man reading paper in crowd
Two young men and a woman
Crowds at Royal wedding Windsor