Indiginous people

shots of Indiginous people

Taken in Barcelona at a bull fight.
Bedouin woman with Hijab (head cover) and tattooed face and hands selling artefacts, the colonnade street, Petra
Water seller in Marakesh, Morocco.
Bedouin tribesman, Morroco
Boy cattle herder wearing rain cover woven from reeds, near Tissisat Waterfalls, Blue Nile, Ethiopia, Africa
Man carrying salt evaporated from pans of seawater at Yachtil, near Mokha on the Red Sea coast of the Yemen.
Everyday wear - Jur (Djour) woman wearing twig and leaf skirt over her genitals and has a fish-hook through her nose, near Muolo, Sudan.
Everyday wear - Jur (Djour) women wearing twig and leaf skirts over their genitals, near Muolo, Sudan.
Madressa - a religious school where children are taught the Koran (Quran), Queen Arwa Mosque, Djibla, Yemen. These people are Shiite Muslims so girls are also educated.
Jewish silversmith, Sadah souk, Yemen.
Armed guard with rifle at bridge on Tississat Waterfalls, Blue Nile river, Ethiopia
Nuba stick wrestler (warrior) in matching wool twinset despite 100% humidity and high ambient temperature. South of Kadugli, Nuba Mountains, Kordofan, Sudan
Mentally ill man with legs and wrists in shackles to protect the public, Queen Arwa Souk, Djibla, Yemen
Cupping with leeches on an old man. Bait al Faqih souk, - a weekly market town. Tihama Plain. Yemen Bait al faqih means House of the scholar.
Laid-back man lying down and smoking a hookah pipe beside the railway line at Kosti station, Sudan. Due to breakdowns the trains can be days late. As well as tobacco, the hookah contains bango (marijuana)
Djour woman with wooden lip pegs, Southern Sudan. These lip pegs were inserted to deter slave traders from taking the women. She is chopping wood. Near Mvolo.
Nuba tribe girl carrying a basket of millet stalks and pots on her head. South of Kadugli, Sudan
Girl of Akha hill tribe with colourful elaborate headdress. Doi Tung Village, Northern Thailand.
Wedding party high on Qat (Kat) and smoking hookah pipes at Thulla, Yemen. The Mild Amphetamine type narcotic Qat (Catha edulis) is chewed with water in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Yemen. The room is called a Mafraj, the best room in the house.
Berber bride dancing for the guests at her wedding. Desert, Morocco
Water seller, Marrakesh Souk, Morocco.
Wodaabe men (Fulani) adorned with make up & jewellery dancing to attract young women. Niger