Monterey is the Californian coastal town famous for writer Stienbeck and Cannery Row

Lemon Nudibranch
Kelp buds
Snorkellers waiting in a ring on the surface
Two divers making shore entry into surf
Venemous jellyfish in Monterey bay aquarium tank
sheepshead displaying
Diver under kelp
kelp bulbs
Sea Otter, Monterey Bay, California
Bull Sea Lion whiskers
Bull Sea Lion with Boston Whaler fishing boat in background
Davit hoist at harbor
Fishermans Wharf, Monterey harbor
Fishing landing net at harbor
Spyglass binoculars and harbor
Relaxing on Del Rio motor yacht
Old American van, front
Old American van, rear
Old American van, side
Seagull resting above no fishing sign
Carmel house in trees
Carmel street store
Carmel street with art galleries