Lord Mayors show

Annual parade through the city of London

NHS London ambulance service motorbike and Police support officer
Young Indian girl in costume on street parade
Zero emission fuel cell bus
Armed soldier with red beret
Bug costume
Highland soldier in kilt on street parade
Indian woman dancing in the street parade
Military piper
Army officer
Man in bowler hat with Sherlock Holmes placard
The Lord Mayors coach
The Lord Mayor in his coach
Lord Mayors coach
Literacy costume at Lord Mayors show
Inflatable judge with convict
Inflatable giants
Horses and carriage
Horses and carriage at the Lord Mayors show
Hamilton Londonderry Flute Band at the Lord Mayors parade
Hamiltion Londonderry flute band
Children drumming in marching band
Big Wigs at the Lord Mayors show
Indian Lady in Sari
Indian dancer