Notting Hill Carnival

The carnival is the biggest Afro Caribbean street party in the world and happens August Bank holiday weekend.

Policewoman joining in at Notting Hill Carnival
Asian policeman at Notting Hill Carnival
Scene from Notting Hill Carnival, London, England
Costumed man at Notting Hill Carnival
costumed woman at Notting Hill Carnival
Mermaid from Notting Hill Carniva
Float 150
Feather mama
False head
Dry humping
Dancing in the street
Crowds and procession, Notting Hill carnival
Corona beer yellow VW
Celebrate with Coca Cola
Carnival Salsa dancing
Carnival girl looks over shoulder
Butterfly lady
Butterfly costume with multicolour feathers
Boy with circle halo
Blue costumes
Black street vendor selling whistles
Black man in blue headress
Black man in Bird of Paradise costume
Black girls in headresses