Buildings inhabited as homes

Llangedwyn Stone House Powys
An old croft on North Uist
Stirling Old Bridge, toll-keepers cottage
Elgin, terraced houses
Falkirk, tower blocks
Edinburgh, Georgian building in New Town
Edinburgh, Georgian buildings in New Town
Ayr, tower blocks on the River Ayr
Leek, house with checkerboard brickwork for sale
Gas meter showing regulator
Central heating boiler with front off
Outside tap
Garden shed
Washing machine with pile of washing
Tumble drier loaded with clothes and door open
For Sale signs outside terraced property, London (1)
For Sale signs outside terraced property, London
Large house in multiple occupation, Kensington
Hastings, houses
Hastings, clapboard houses
Oast houses (1)
Oast houses
Clapboard houses, Rochester
Reading side street