place for the confinement of persons in lawful detention, especially persons convicted of crimes

Lancaster Prison entrance door. This is also Lancaster Castle
Feltham young offenders institution (1)
Feltham young offenders institution
Hull prison (1)
Hull prison
Bedford prison
Wandsworth Prison
Brixton Prison entrance
Belmarsh prison
Belmarsh prison (2)
Belmarsh prison entrance (1)
Belmarsh prison day centre
Belmarsh courts (1)
Belmarsh prison (1) Thamesmead
Belmarsh prison entrance Thamesmead
Belmarsh prison (3), Thamesmead
Lancaster castle and prison
Gloucester prison
Ford open prison
Leeds prison (1)
Leeds prison
Holloway prison for women
Wormwood Scrubs prison prisoners entrance
Wormwood Scrubs prison first gate