Employment and other constructive activities usually rewarded with a salary or other renumeration

Helping with the nets. Passers-by helping the fishermen at Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland.
Man with metal detector on beach
Man carring bucket of water
Metal detector on archeological dig
Construction workers on office building Euston Rd
Ice cream salesman
Leaflet distribution
Sunbathing at lunchtime, Soho Square
Roadworks, lorry with hydraulic grabber
Man on ladder painting sign next to scaffold tower
Cycle messenger with cigarette in mouth
Cycle messenger writing and woman with back to him
Two nice pairs of legs handing out leaflets at Picadilly circus
Motorcycle messenger on Kawasaki motorbike
Bike messengers
Man selling the Big Issue
Fruit and Veg' stand
Motorcycle Messengers discussing directions, W1
shoeshine boy
tree surgeons