A platform structure extending from a shore over water and supported by piles or pillars, used to secure, protect, and provide access to ships or boats.

Clarence Pier, Southsea, Hampshire at night showing beach and water
Pier, Torquay
Swanage Pier (3)
Swanage Pier (2)
Couple sea fishing
Swanage Pier (1)
Swanage Pier
Southend, Marine Gardens and the pier (1)
Southend, Marine Gardens and the pier
Clacton Pier (4)
Clacton Pier (3)
Clacton Pier (2)
Cleethorpes pier (1)
Cleethopes pier
Mumbles Pier, Swansea Bay
Worthing, beach and pier
Margate pier
Hastings, pier and beach
Hastings pier
Eastbourne pier
Eastbourne pier (1)
Brighton, deckchairs and pier
Brighton, beach and pier
Brighton pier