A place in which reading materials, such as books, periodicals, and newspapers, and often other materials such as musical and video recordings, are kept for use or lending.

Mitchell Library. Glasgow. Scotland
The Mitchell Library. Glasgow. Scotland
British Library, Euston Road, London. New brick built building next to St Pancras station. a HDI shot.
Passmore Edwards Free Library, Cambourne, Cornwall (1)
Passmore Edwards Free Library, Cambourne, Cornwall
Central library, Derby
Truro, Passmore Edwards Library
Library, Strabane
Wrexham, old library and Guildhall
Ruskin library, Lancaster University
Public Library, Broad St, Hereford
Library, St John's College Cambridge
Central Library, Manchester
John Rylands library, Manchester Deansgate
Canterbury, Royal museum and free library
Glasgow library
Inverness library
Stratford On Avon, public library
Bodlian Library, Oxford