Cambridgeshire is one of the home counties to the north east of LondonMap of Cambridge

Punting under the mathematical bridge, Cambridge
Punting boatman, Cambridge
Punter, Cambridge
Punt, Cambridge
Punt full of women tourists, Cambridge
People and deserted cafe
Old Schools, Cambridge
Old Schools and Senate House, Cambridge
New Court, St John's College, Cambridge
Mathematical bridge, Cambridge
Man, schoolmaster, lecturer
Magdalene College, Cambridge
Library, St John's College Cambridge
King's College, Cambridge
King's College entrance, Cambridge
Jesus College, Cambridge
Internal mailbox for fellows, St John's College, Cambridge
Inside the Chapel, St John's College, Cambridge
First Court, St John's college, Cambridge
Cloisters, St John's College, Cambridge
Christ's College, Cambridge
Christ's College entrance, Cambridge
Christ's College and St Andrew's St, Cambridge
Chapel, St John's College, Cambridge