feed© - Stock photos of UK, Britain, England, London, EU19/06/2018 17:10:43Slough, piazza, piazza09/10/2004 08:07:00Slough town square with shoppers town square with shoppers09/10/2004 08:07:00Slough, town square, town square09/10/2004 08:07:00Slough, Queensmere shopping centre (1), Queensmere shopping centre (1)09/10/2004 08:07:00Slough, Queensmere shopping centre, Queensmere shopping centre09/10/2004 08:07:00Slough, modern art stainless steel tree, modern art stainless steel tree09/10/2004 08:07:00Slough, shoppers in high street, shoppers in high street09/10/2004 08:07:00O2 shop, Slough shop, Slough09/10/2004 08:07:00Slough high street high street09/10/2004 08:07:00Slough, piazza outside Queensmere shopping centre, piazza outside Queensmere shopping centre09/10/2004 08:07:00