Denbigh in North Wales is famous for Llangollen and its Eistedfod. For local govenment info go to

Welsh warrior reclining with shield - re-enactment
Welsh renactment ancient stick throwing game like Quoits
Welsh reenactment chainmail
Traditional Welsh dance1
Traditional Welsh dance
Horseshoe pass, Denbighshire
Denbighshire hills
Taxidermy shop
Stuffed Owl
Side street Bed and Breakfast, Llangollen
Side Street, Llangollen (1)
River Dee, Llangollen
River Dee, Llangollen (1)
River Dee (Afon Dyfdwy), Llangollen
Dilapidated Barn
B & B, Llangollen
Tree house
Tree house (1)
Pub, Bridge End Hotel, Llangollen
Llangollen railway
Church and High street, Llangollen
Ambwilans (Welsh ambulance)
Vale of Llangollen
Chapel, Llangollen