Dad, man in orange top, holding daughter
Businessman in forties, standing in suit full length
Family, young, one child, sitting
Friends and family group, two men, two women, boy and girl
Family, man and woman with four daughters
Family, man and woman with baby in African dress
Family, extended, large
Girl, sitting
Girl, age six, in white dress
Girl, age six, dressed as bridesmaid
Girl with coloured braids
Boy, six, plaited hair
Boy, little, in traditional African costume
Boy making faces
Boy in hat with Teddy Bear
Boy, four with sculpted hair
Boy with red baseball cap
Boy with red baseball cap sitting cross legged
Boy in school uniform sitting
Black boys, Clapham
Girl, little in red outfit
Baby girl, upset
Baby girl with huge Afro hairdo
Baby girl crawling with big smile