Stock Photography Submission Details

Do you want to sell your images? We have buyers for high quality images in all subject categories. If you have saleable pictures don't let them languish on your hard drive. Turn them into cash!

Initial submission
Stock photography is a numbers game - the more you have, the more likely you are to get a sale. We therefore require a minimum initial submission of 300 high quality digital images. If you only have a few images, unless it is a picture of an alien, Elvis, or the Loch Ness Monster, we will not be interested.

Read our terms, file specifications, and images we require. If you accept and can comply with them then...

  • The first step apply here 
  • We will then contact you ONLY should we be interested in seeing more

Do not send unsolicited images to us by email attachment (or any other way) - our SPAM filters will delete large emails without anyone seeing them!



  • Images must be your copyright and have a model release where applicable.
  • We expect images to be provided as a digital image file to our specification, fully captioned. See file specifications below.

Royalties: We split sales 50/50 (industry standard). Sales are notified quarterly and royalty checks sent out by post in £ Sterling or US$ (at exchange rate on day of issue).

Exclusivity: we do not require exclusive agreements like many other agencies do. We are photographers too and feel this is unfair!

Licensing: We reserve the right to license material to other agencies from time to time (still at 50/50 after the other agencies cut) and to use material for self promotion.

Security: Hi-rez copies are stored on our servers in secure physical locations and protected by 128 bit encrypted password protection with backup copies and redundant systems. Low-rez copies are protected by page level scripting. However, we cannot accept responsibility for copyright abuse, however


Image Specifications

We have some strict technical requirements for images that are chosen to be integrated into the library in order to maintain consistency. These requirements are easily achievable provided you read the following advice. 
We accept images...

  • shot on 12+ megapixel cameras
  • 35mm scans of MINIMUM 2000 x 3000 pixels - most slide scanners (but not flatbed scanners) are of sufficient quality
  • No B&W – we have colour images only. Clients can convert to B&W if they want to later

We only accept digital submissions by upload

File Size will typically be 30+Mb uncompressed/2Mb compressed. Use the preview feature when saving to determine optimum size. In Photoshop this is 8/medium quality to arrive at a 2Mb JPEG.

We accept most image file formats providing they have the correct file extension (required by Windows platforms). We do not accept images compressed using the LZW algorithm We deliver images as JPEG and recommend this format when sending us images - you can get more of them on your CD/DVD! Use the minimum compression (best quality) option when saving.

The filename should be

  • Short (10 characters max)
  • unique across your collection (your images are stored in one directory so cannot be used if same name as another file!)
  • grouped ideally, name the files alphabetically by category and number them e.g. animal1, animal2 This makes it easier for us to add to our categories when we see them sorted in a list.

Keywords 6 words not already in the caption

The CD/DVD should be labeled. Include your name, address, and return mailer (if you require the CD back).

Images will be individually assessed. Most rejected images either lack or have too much/little density or have hairs/artifacts. We rarely use all submitted images. Limit the number of shots on any particular subject.

Captions and Keywords

You can help us add your material quickly if you provide accurate captioning. This is time consuming but, being the primary way buyers find your images, a little work pays dividends later. 

First and explanation of how we need it done. You see, captions and keywords are related, but distinctly different, beasts! Both are textual but captions are more descriptive.

Captions describe in words what you can see.

Keywords are related terms outside the obvious visual context. For example an image captioned ‘woman dancing’ may have the keywords ‘female artistic movement art pose leotard’.


Both caption and keyword text should be stored inside the image in the IPTC fields. IPTC is the industry standard method for attaching text to images for digital transmission and identification. This can be done using Photoshop. See under the File menu for File Info and enter subject details under Caption and keywords under Keywords If you have Photoshop CS the Caption field is called 'description' for some reason best known to Adobe!


A caption is the text that appears below images on our lbrary pages and is vital for search engines to index your images.

Captions should be…

  • maximum 255 characters long (but ideally shorter, too much is as bad as too little)
  • Alphanumeric (letters or numbers – no special characters like linefeed)
  • Place taken i.e. country AND county/state/region (if geographically relevant)

Natural history subjects should be identified by their Latin Name in the caption.


The most important field to get right! Why, people actually buy keywords - not images!

You should keyword your images in the IPTC keyword field. Use spaces to delimit the keywords NOT commas, dashes, colons etc.

6 keywords maximum please

We have a very sophisticated system that can generate keywords from captions. You therefore do not need to duplicate words that are already in the caption field.

Keywords may be abstracts, concepts, and any other words you think someone might type in to find your image.


The category field is called Headline by Adobe. Enter the name of an existing category in the library.

We automatically generate keywords from category and place hierarchies. For example an image under 'London' will get 'England' and 'UK' added without you needing to. Just look at the category 'tree' and you will see UK>England>London. Categories can also have keywords. For example UK will also add 'Great Britain' without you doing a thing!


Fill in at least one of the following… Location, City, State/Province (county) with an existing place

Need a new place or category? Just ask. In the meantime assign it to the category/place that is the natural parent.

Above all, Please remain consistent!

We require..

Currently we are looking for...

  • ONLY subjects we do not already have covered search here
  • We're always looking for topical subjects of National importance, UK Celebrities i.e. Politicians, Royalty, and other famous people in the public eye. We would be especially interested in other collections, perhaps from another agency...

What are we looking for? Bright, colourful images of saleable subjects. Straight, not arty. Clearly defined subject. If you can’t understand it on a thumbnail, buyers will not bother opening up to see detail. No unusual crops or arty techniques - editors like to do that themselves (so they can take credit for part of the creative process!).

We require images in a broad range of categories. The images that  are most likely to be accepted are ones that we do not already have so please spend a little time searching our site. We specialise in the UK and Europe so we tend to keep these in greater depth but otherwise, anything goes!

Such is the nature of stock photography that it is not possible to predict which images will, or won't, sell. Often the obscure sells before the obvious.

UK Celebrities , Politicians, Royalty, and other famous people in the public eye. We would be especially interested in a collection, perhaps from another agency