Ascot, race course
Victorian General store
Victorian butchers
Plumbers shop
Victorian Plumbers shop
Chess pieces in Bishopsgate district of financial sector
Newsagents and tobacconist, Creed Lane, near St Pauls London
Romford snooker club entrance, Essex
Express, Holiday Inn hotel at Albert Dock, Liverpool
St Johns shopping precinct with Radio City tower behind, Liverpool
The Village Store (closed)
Carmarthen town square
Carmarthen, Nott Square
Village Post office, Temadog, Snowdonia
Dr Martens shoe shop in Neal Street, Covent Garden
Shoe shop in Neal Street, Covent Garden
Maritime Quay viewing from Greenwich
Fruit and Veg stall, Wrexham
Shopping, Wrexham (1)
Shopping, Wrexham
Shopping, Luton
Chester, Arcade
Whitakers, shopping, Bolton
Bolton, shopping