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shooting hip hand gestures non-verbal non verbal nonverbal communication body language people persons
Shooting from the hip
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young couple fairground shooting range couples husband wife boyfriend girlfriend spouse families family kin kinfolk tribe generations geneaology people persons isle wight england english great britain united kingdom british
Young couple on fairground shooting range
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sign saying sudden gunfire pockmarked bullet holes near lulworth army firing range allegory abstracts misc. shooting shots dorset england english great britain united kingdom british
Sign saying Sudden Gunfire pockmarked with bullet holes near Lulworth army firing range (1)
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mottled grouse moors near wanlockhead dumfries galloway. managed burnt maintained encourage development red lagopus shooting season. moorland countryside rural environmental uk hunting galloway dumfrieshire dumfriesshire scotland scottish scotch scots escocia schottland united kingdom british
Mottled grouse moors near Wanlockhead, Dumfries and Galloway. The moors are managed, burnt and maintained to encourage the development of red grouse (Lagopus Lagopus) for the shooting season.
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underwater photographer shooting manatee florida photographers divers diving people scuba marine ikelite housing crystal river usa united states america american
Underwater Photographer shooting Manatee, Florida
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major shooting incident shepherds bush w12 crime police cops uk emergency services policing hammersmith fulham london cockney england english angleterre inghilterra inglaterra united kingdom british
Major shooting incident, Shepherds Bush W12
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