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reach for the sky
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local train crosses rhine beneath schloss laufen just river reaches falls. swiss suisse european travel raliway castle switzerland schweiz europe
A local train crosses the Rhine beneath Schloss Laufen, just before the river reaches the Rhine Falls.
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upper reaches river scaur hills slowly meanders snakes way southwards. uk rivers waterways countryside rural environmental youth snaking siuous meander water dumfries gallow galloway dumfrieshire dumfriesshire scotland scottish scotch scots escocia schottland united kingdom british
The upper reaches of the River Scaur in the hills slowly meanders and snakes its way southwards.
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view dalzean snout upper reaches scaur glen winter time 2004 seasons seasonal environmental uk hills mountains glens water cold blue sky crisp clear ozone valley vale scotland scottish scotch scots escocia schottland united kingdom british
View from Dalzean Snout along the upper reaches of the Scaur Glen - winter time 2004
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picking blossom young women woman female females feminine womanlike womanly womanish effeminate ladylike people persons reach devon devonian england english angleterre inghilterra inglaterra united kingdom british
Picking blossom
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