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graffiti catalan nationalist sitges reads 300 years occupation resistance refers defeat catalonia end siege barcelona 1714 catalunya spanish espana european independence nationalism north coast spain spanien espa espagne la spagna
Graffiti by a Catalan Nationalist in Sitges. It reads "300 years of occupation, 300 years of resistance. It refers to the defeat of Catalonia at the end of the siege of Barcelona in 1714.
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businesswoman early twenties hair tied business confidence confident independent independence authority white caucasian portraits
Businesswoman in early twenties with hair tied back
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elderly couple boat smiling couples old aged husband wife boyfriend girlfriend spouse families family kin kinfolk tribe generations geneaology people persons pension relax comfortable independence london cockney england english angleterre inghilterra inglaterra united kingdom british
Elderly couple on boat smiling
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booregard mansion site american battle british civil war history science misc. independence new orleans big easy louisiana southern state usa united states america
Booregard Mansion, site of last American battle against British
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