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band-i-amir band i amir bandiamir lakes dam amir central afghanistan hazarajat asia. 75 km northwest ancient city bamyan close town yakawlang. blue colour caused calcium carbonate deposits forming travertine walls. asian industry industrial travel haza... asia albania albanian
Band-i-Amir lakes, (Dam of the Amir), central Afghanistan, Hazarajat, Asia. 75 Km to the northwest of the Ancient city of Bamyan, close the the town of Yakawlang. The blue colour is caused by calcium carbonate deposits forming travertine walls.
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largest statues buddha bamiyan afghanistan. statue 53 metres 175 foot high destroyed taliban march 2001 hazarajat asian travel landrover series iii religion unesco site caves afghanistan asia afganistan afganistani
The largest of the two statues of Buddha at Bamiyan, Afghanistan. This statue, 53 metres 175 foot high, was destroyed by the Taliban in March 2001 Hazarajat
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man playing tambur chaikana teahouse bamiyan afghanistan indiginous people asian travel hazarajat musician asia afganistan afganistani
Man playing tambur, chaikana (teahouse), Bamiyan, Afghanistan
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