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portrait rare breeds appenzeller chicken looking like having bad hair day farmyard animals animalia natural history nature cockerel cock poultry farm animal bird breed
Portrait of an rare breeds Appenzeller chicken, looking like he's having a bad hair day!
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bad table manners going entertainment enjoyment human activities people persons
bad table manners
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tear hair bad day allegory abstracts misc. frustration
tear my hair out - bad hair day
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diver swimming car freshwater lake seascapes scenery scenic underwater marine diving bad viz benny sutton england english angleterre inghilterra inglaterra united kingdom british
Diver swimming over car in freshwater lake
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women sixties miserable hats elderly aged old senior woman female females feminine womanlike womanly womanish effeminate ladylike people persons unhappy forlorn bad tempered uneasy disgusted negroes black ethnic portraits
Women, sixties, miserable in hats
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emporer zurg figure toy story toys play household home abstracts misc. baddie villain bad evil
Emporer Zurg figure from Toy Story
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