Childs bike dumped in water
The upper reaches of the River Scaur in the hills slowly meanders and snakes its way southwards.
Early morning mist on the cairn water near Dunscore.
Scaur Water in full spate, late Autumn
Water torrents down a rain-filled Scaur water, eddying and swirling over rocks and natural weirs.
Debenhams restaurant, River Wey, Guildford
Guildford, River Wey (1)
Guildford, River Wey
Guildford, Millmead Lock
Guidford, River Wey
Reading, Oracle riverside by River Kennet
Reading, Oracle riverside (1)
Reading, Oracle riverside
Rutland Water
Feeding the ducks, River Derwent, Derby
Wier, River Derwent, Derby
River Derwent, Derby
Salmon wier bridge and St Nicholas's RC cathedral, Galway
William O'Brien bridge over River Corrib, Galway
King's Gap, River Corrib, Galway
Bridge, River Liffey, Dublin
River Liffey, Ha'penny bridge, Dublin
River Liffey, Ormond Quay, Grattan bridge, Dublin
Bridge over the River Liffey, Dublin