feed© - Stock photos of UK, Britain, England, London, EU21/03/2018 11:12:49Harp Rd Shopping centre, Bedford Rd Shopping centre, Bedford14/09/2004 10:07:00Pyramid shaped Swimming pool, Bedford shaped Swimming pool, Bedford14/09/2004 10:07:00John Howard statue, Bedford Howard statue, Bedford14/09/2004 10:07:00Bridge and embankment, River Ouse, Bedford and embankment, River Ouse, Bedford14/09/2004 10:07:00John Bunyan statues and gardens, Bedford Bunyan statues and gardens, Bedford14/09/2004 10:07:00Main square, Huntingdon square, Huntingdon14/09/2004 10:07:00Terraced houses, Bedford houses, Bedford14/09/2004 10:07:00Frogs, Bedford, Bedford14/09/2004 10:07:00Swan hotel, Bedford hotel, Bedford14/09/2004 10:07:00Bedford prison prison14/09/2004 10:07:00