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snow covered fir trees alps alpine austrian osterreich european travel blanket
Snow covered fir trees
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close-up close up closeup inedible berries rose hip mid-winter mid winter midwinter clothed light blanket snow. plants plantae natural history nature misc. rose-hip rose hip rosehip hips winter snow cold blood-red blood red bloodred flora scotland scottish scotch scots escocia schottland united kingdom british
Close-up of the inedible berries of the rose hip in mid-winter, clothed in a light blanket of snow.
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newborn baby umbilical cord blanket birth born procreate procreation babies infants girls female children kids juveniles females feminine womanlike womanly womanish effeminate ladylike people persons new precious london cockney england english angleterre inghilterra inglaterra united kingdom british
Newborn baby with umbilical cord in blanket
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exhausted runners space blankets london marathon running jogging athletic events capital england english uk knackered tired depleted shiney westminster cockney angleterre inghilterra inglaterra united kingdom british
Exhausted runners in Space blankets
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